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"Let's not "substitute" but let us "replace" with pure water and better tasting foods and drinks that are better for you, and that achieve results!"
Maraline Krey

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Colloidal, Ionic, Angstrom, Molecula Liquid Minerals - How Do You Choose?

Personally, I prefer ionic, angstrom and molecula minerals to colloidal. A person can overdo colloidal and experience side effects, we don't find that with the smaller, more effective (in my opinion) ionic, angstrom and molecula minerals.  Tyndall Effect described below, as well as sizes, and how it affects cells, cell sizes, etc.

I like WaterOz and World Health, both have been producing liquid minerals for years, and I like both for different reasons.

World Health generally has smaller minerals that haveliterally no taste, so for kids, you can use less and get more. Plus they offer great formulas like Bone Support, AddUp, Ultra 1 & Ultra 2, Respaid, etc.

Water Oz is an overall great value, while there is a slight plant taste it's less expensive, comes in 4 x which means you can buy a quart x 4 or a gallon in a quart bottle and dilute it or take 1/4 of doese. And although minimal formulas (you make your own from WaterOz), they are effective and flexible to do what you want with them. Their Water of Life is a combination of all the small minerals and you can add to re-mineralize say, reverse osmosis water, etc..

You can see my write up on each company and their minerals below.   !

WaterOz which is elemental minerals planted in the soil, plants uptake the mineral content and WaterOz has a proprietary process to extract the minerals in ionic and/or angstrom form. They have a slight plant taste, but effective and we've had great results over the many years we've distributed these minerals. They are both cost concious and health effective.  

World Health uses a high tech process of elemental minerals and lazer, end result is angstrom liquid minerals that have literally no taste and very smal ppm. World Health also has some incredible formulas - they are great for children, elderly, and adults with deficiencies, i.e., Bone Support, ADDup, etc., and are the exclusive makers of Molecula Silver, Copper and Platnium. They also have incredible products like OXYCHANNEL. Sidebar: I use the Molecula Copper and Silver to dose my animals for parasites.  


There are many websites that will describe the Tyndall Effect, or how liquid minerals are sized, and how effective they are.   Bottom line is how big are the minerals as opposed to your cells. Keep in mind you have 20 different cell sizes (your eyes being the smallest cells in your body, and hardest to hydrate, i.e., reading glasses?)  

The goal is to have your cells receive the liquid mineras.   Colloidal by nature of the word means "particles" suspended in a fluid. Simply, the cells must uptake the benefits through the suspended colloidals in the environment.  

Ionic or Angstrom depict a much smaller size and in many cases small enough to penetrate or pass through the cells.  

Molecula is tested by result because the particles cannot be read, the bottle for example indicates only 1 or 2 ppm meaning once it's in it's gaseous state, those are the left over particles. Testing by results mean you'd have a beaker, and say you fill it with virus for example, then addMolecula Silver, wait a few minutes and then count how many virus survived.  

A neat thing I do at my home (if one of us feel wrong) is to take an ounce of Bone Support (12 pH), wait excactly 5 minutes, and take an ounce of Molecula Silver - raising the pH makes any bad micro organism vulnerable.  

Afterward, we drink Living Clay, claywater, (a little clay mixed in water), to adsorb and absorb toxins - and the result is usually not feeling bad any longer and not having to go through detox to get there























"Let's not "substitute" but let us "replace" with better tasting foods and drinks that are better for you, and most importantly, provide better results!" Maraline Krey

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