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"Let's not "substitute" but let us "replace" with pure water and better tasting foods and drinks that are better for you, and that achieve results!"
Maraline Krey

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Go Green In The Home

From Our Home To Yours, Maraline Krey

Cleaning Products & Ideas

Laundry: We've been using Seventh Generation for years, now there are other products like biokleen as well as Sun & Earth, etc., but regardless of which natural product I use, I ALSO reduce laundry soap measurement by 1/2 and add a 1/2 cup of Baking Soda to each load (you can purchase 12 lb bags for about $6-7, sometimes found near swimming pool products at home stores, or in cooking aisle of Costco and Sams). I also purchase 2 large sizes of regular Hydrogen peroxide because it works well for me as a bleaching agent for white towels and sheets. to wash tile, sinks, etc. Tile floors come out immaculate with Hydrogen peroxide as a cleanser.

Note: I use white vinegar in my softner dispenser of my clothes washing machine - great sofening agent and keeps the washer clean as well.

Dishwasher: Again, many natural now, however some of the powders are not so great for me. Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwashing Gel works wonders, but instead of rinse aid we add white vinegar to the rinse aid cup, keeping it full at all times.

Countertops: Struggled with this one because we have natural stone countertops, but really like Earth Friendly Product Furniture Polish (with Olive Oil), leaves a nice shine but no residue, works well on all kinds of countertops. I also love Ecological Cream Scrub by Ecover for cleansing countertops, removes bacteria, mishaps, and stains without scratching.

Sinks: Again, we use Ecological Cream Scrub by Ecover - wonderful product, provides that "real clean" feeling in my sink.

Wood Furniture: Along with Earth Friendly Products Furniture Polish (with Olive Oil) we alternate with Murphy's Oil Soap.

Personal Care

Bath: Living Clay (montmorillonite/calcium bentonite) has great health benefits (see writeup on montmorilloniteclay or email me and I'll send it) and Himalayan, Real Salt or Celtic Sea Salt as well, but I spruce them up with a Tablespoon of centrifugal force, organic Coconut Oil, some essential oils and bubble bath - healthy ones: EO is my favorite purchase for bubble bath, perfectly friendly, children love it as wellt, no eye burn, and absolutely wonderful fragrances. Giovanni is an organic line and has the most wonderful scrubs (lemon - yum) if you don't have the time to make your own.

Shower: Scrub with one of the above if you like before showering, or use InnerLight's Shampoo, and after the shower, rub down with a little organic Coconut Oil, it absorbs, does not leave a residue.

Skin Care, Hair, Toothpaste: Essante WW has an amazingly inexpensive and effective organic skin care line, and I personally adore it. The extra rich creme - great, and the scrub is phenomenal, the size of a pea will cover your face,neck, hands, arms, elbows .....just doesn't run out! It's an organics based line but rooted in the science, it's a complete skin care program that works. My other favorite is AKTA, from Gunilla of Sweden, they have a great eye cream, a cell rejuvenator, and other great skin care products.


Home Formulated Face Masks: Living Clay mixed with 3 parts fluid and 1 part clay will form a paste - you can use aloe vera or pure water. The paste will pull out the toxins, Avocado pureed/mashed will hydrate your face/skin, and a scrub made up of lemon juice & orange juice (fresh) mixed with sugar until it's thick enough to apply to your skin, becomes a a really strong citric peel, be careful with this, don't leave it on a long time. I use salt, oil and citric for body and sugar w/citric for face (no oil, other than you can use coconut oil).


Any product in bold we can assist you in purchasing at preferred customer pricing. All other products I usually purchase at Costco, Whole Foods, Wild Oats, and most Health Stores can order them.


These products are my favorites and we are sharing what works in my home, it does not mean they will work optimally for you, please use your own judgement when purchasing, Happy Green Shopping! Maraline

"Let's not "substitute" but let us "replace" with better tasting foods and drinks that are better for you, and most importantly, provide better results!" Maraline Krey

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice or attention of health care professionals. Consult your physician before beginning or making any changes in your diet, supplements or exercise program, for diagnosis and treatment of illness or injuries, and for advice regarding medications.

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