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"Let's not "substitute" but let us "replace" with pure water and better tasting foods and drinks that are better for you, and that achieve results!"
Maraline Krey

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pH Balance - Richest and Sickest

by Maraline Krey

We are the richest and the sickest!

1 in 3 will get cancer

1 in 3 are considered obese

2 in 3 are considered overweight

1 in 5 have allergies

1 in 15 have asthma

1 in 17 have type II diabetes

and the list goes on....

What's the old saying? Look left, look right and if it's
not them it's you? This list of illness makes me wonder
what's become of us, within our families, extended
families, friends, and even our work environment. It's
unacceptable to think that between you and two others, one
will have cancer.

We are the richest and the sickest, we invest (?) billions
of dollars into medical research and here we are with
illness and disease on the rise, and we are a society of
people that feel "sick & tired" most of the time.

The truth is we all know too many sick people,
take heart issues, we all know someone with a
pacemaker or had a heart attack. Did you know heart
failure is the major cause of death in our country, over
500,000 heart operations are performed a year?.

Most of us are too busy living our lives to realize the
depth to which our food has become degraded. We accept that
our water is certainly over treated with chemicals, somehow
we justify that it's safe. And we are fooling ourselves
that bottled water is pure, or that take out food can be
healthy.. Read the waterfacts at

pH Balance or Acid/Alkaline

Our body is 70% water, our blood is 96% water, we are mostly
water, i.e., we live in a water filled environment, it's
not a far reach to think we should be concerned with the pH
of our water!.

Many of us chemically induce our swimming pools to a neutral
pH because if we didn't it would discolor and grow micro-
organisms. It makes sense to induce our bodies to a
neutral pH or the same thing will happen and the consequence
is not feeling well, the scale of performance to disease is symptoms,
then chronic symptoms, then dis-ease and diagnosis..

Hydration is primary, water is a carrier, allow it to carry
lemon juice, lime juice, green foods, plus a pH catalyst/
alkalizer like Prime pH from InnerLight. Then hydrate a
quart a day for every 50 pounds of body weight. (If your
body is 100 pounds, you are 70 pounds of water, note that
every quart of water weighs 2 pounds, so to give yourself a
visual, for every hundred pound of body weight you should
visualize 35 quarts of water, 200 lbs = 70 quarts.) We must
first keep our level of water at or above 70%. so we need to
hydrate, and we also must exchange the water with some

Supplementation is the difference between the nutrition your
body requires and the nutrition you are receiving from your
diet. Food needs to be easily digested and highly nutritious
so our body can uptake the nutrition, break it down and send
it through the blood stream where it becomes cellular
nutrition - or we need to supplement with cellular nutrition
like SuperGreens which is comprised of 49 different
vegetations in particle form.

We need to teach our children, have them carry their own
polycarbonite water bottle filled with pure water everywhere
they go. My children carried a water bottle every day for 2-3
months before it was natural, and their hydration levels were
where they needed to be. They have been supplementing as
long as they remember, and healthier for it.

With a little research we all know our bodies require more than
our food supply can offer and better than our water supply can
provide. And we learn that all supplements are not alike in
terms of absorption, feeding us at the cellular level.

Sometimes the sheer numbers of sick people who I meet take
me over the top and I want to shout from the highest
building that "if not us, who?" is going to make the
changes we need to make? We need to become more focused on
serving ourselves because what we ingest determines the
state of our health. Pure water & pure nutrition are baseline.

Recently someone was convinced they were ill because of
their weak "genetics", I explained my domino theory - the
first 10 dominos that fall when we begin to go upside down
on our acidity are symptoms we all share; tiredness,
digestive issues, maybe heartburn or sleep issues, leg
cramps, maybe cold hands and feet, headaches, weight gain,
etc., but as we become more acidic more dominos fall, and
eventually we get to the "genetic dominos" like arthritis,
diabetes, heart disease, weight loss, thyroid, and that list
goes on as well.

And the moral to that story is pH Balance - the less dominos
that fall, the less likely you'd even be talking about your
genetics, let alone meeting the weakest link of suffering.

Supplements Discussed are Organic Greens and pH Catalyst from Essante World Wide

pH balance Resource

About the Author:
Maraline Krey is CEO, BioGro Products LLC, and also distributes Health Based Nutritional Products with a pH Body Balance focus.

In addition, Maraline is passionate about pure water, is a Nutritional Products Specialist, recognized pH Body Balance Coach, Guest Speaks at a variety of health focused events, can be heard on live radio and web radio, Author of various health articles, and is working on her first book. You can hear her most recent health focused discussion on Web Radio at

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"Let's not "substitute" but let us "replace" with better tasting foods and drinks that are better for you, and most importantly, provide better results!" Maraline Krey

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